Laron Landry Workout – Everything you want to know

Laron Landry Workout

Well the guy is a big hit right now.Known for his huge muscles, he has got huge following in a short amount of time. People are crazy about him and want to know his personal workout routine, his fitness and muscle building secrets, his diet plan etc.

Laron Landry Workout
One word which describes his workout plan is “Dedication“. He said he believes in traditional workouts, especially push ups and pull ups type exercises.  When it comes to working out and going after the body you want, commitment is a must. He is a firm believer of having a mindset which is dominating and on the target, everytime he goes out to gym he makes his presence felt. These are his words actually – “Be aware of me, where I am, what I’m capable of”.

Laron Landry’s workout

He is a big fan of push ups and pull ups le viagra est il en vente libre en pharmacie en france. These exercises are part of his daily routine. AND, now something you may not want to listen to. He loves leg days. He works his legs like a power horse. If you read carefully, his exercises are basically which work full body parts and not isolate ones.

His diet

While we try to limit our carb intake, he generally eats high carb diet and enough of protein too. Potaties and Meat are his daily part of diet. He said he can eat anything. And because he worksout hard, it doesnt affect him much. And thats actually true, when you are woroking out like him, killing each and every workout, you can basically eat high carb diet and still not worry about body fat. Thats his mantra of dieting.

Other exercises

Apart from going big and heavy in the gym, here are few of his favourite exercises. He loves box squats, half squats etc. Everytime he’s in the gym, he will push his limits and try to conquer everything. And another thing is – Apart from doing compound exercises, he also works out all muscle parts separately, like side muscles, top and bottom muscles etc.

Laron landry Workout Video

Some say he’s too massive for NFL Safety, he doesnt agree. Being big makes him more powerful and it tends to give the impression that opponents should fear him. He says he doesnt lose speed even with those huge muscles. And another things which we found out is, he can really lose or gain few pounds according to his opponent team and the gameplan they have decided. And thats incredible. He can quickly lose 5 pounds if he wants to gain a little extra speed against an opponent and with another opponent he might gain 5 pounds so he looks more explosive and dangerous.

Thats the beauty of Laron Landry and his workout. The guy who can adjust himself according to the situation and has way more commitment towards his muscle building goals than many of us.


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