Welcome to FitnessAdvices.org – When it comes to offering fitness advices everyone seems to know a lot and can turn up to be your next fitness instructor even!! But the real question is which of these advices are real and which of these are made up? Which of these will produce results and which of these will put you on a hospital bed, well not really. There is no real way to know the answers to your health and fitness questions and goals. And if you have been searching for a good fitness coach or a friend and you are reading this right now, then take heart. Your search is finally over.  We have spent years reading and experimenting about the fitness and general health and have tried out so many different workouts, exercises plans, diet plans and what not.

Right now we have some the best people working with us who can direct you to a healthy lifestyle, achieve your workout or bodybuilding goals and build massive muscle mass.

General health and fitness

As far as general health and fitness goes, there is one thing that has always been clear to us. More than your body it is your mind that first needs to be toned down. A healthy mind will itself give you enough directives and inspirations and most importantly, will power to work out. For this you must first start with some mind sharpening exercises that can boost your focus and concentration. Peace of mind is the biggest pre requisite before getting into any work out or training program. This is the one golden rule that we believe is must to follow when it comes to general health and fitness.

In order to be healthy there is almost no need to say “lay off addiction inducing products like drugs, cigarettes and alcohol”. To be able to work out and burn fat continuously for at least an hour there is one thing you need. That is stamina. If you smoke and drink your life away you will have neither the stamina to finish a session, nor a life to live even if you do finish the session. So the best thing to do before getting into any kind of workout session is to quit addictions. Workout sessions have also been hailed as a gateway to stop addictions as well in many cases.

Once you overcome the initial mind level phase, be sure to check out our article on Best Tips on How to Burn 500 Calories Fast. This should be your starting point. If you have the basics right, you can easily go on from there and achieve your fitness goals easily.

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Body building is not something to be taken lightly. More than anyone else, it is us at FitnessAdvices.org who have been personal witness to this. Bodybuilding, more than being considered as an intense form of workout, is treated as a form of art by us, the fitness enthusiasts. Lets take this biceps exercise ZottMan Curls as an example, you need to know the right way of doing exercises. Proper body form is must if you want to get the desired results. And you must follow this rule with all exercises. Learn to understand the body form first and then try to increase weight/s. Body building needs great determination and focus. Getting a toned body with rippling muscles is not something that can be achieved overnight. It needs a great deal of dedication and patience. We take pride in offering the best body building and weight loss plans and routines and there are hundreds of satisfied patrons. This is why people who have been listening to us, come back for more and people who listen to us for the first time, never let go. With hundreds of body building tips and exercises that will grant you the vision you have been dreaming, you can rely on us to be the one stop solution to all your body building queries.

If you are into Bodybuilding or are looking to get into bodybuilding, you may or may not have man boobs or moobs as they call them. We have a very good article on How to get rid of moobs with exercise , start reading.

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Exercises and Workouts

Not everyone wants to be a body builder. Some people just want to stay in shape; others want to shed some weight while still others want to live a healthy life. The one integral thing that is common to everything is exercise. Exercises not only helps tone your body, they can be great stress busters and even help you to get a focus in life with great discipline. Someone who follows exercise routines never finds a problem with any tough situation in life. There is a deep psychology behind this and it has been our secret sauce when it comes to framing workout sessions.

Most sites and other Fitness advice experts usually tend to overload people by putting way too much on your plate than you can eat in a sitting. This often builds a negative attitude towards physical workouts and hence people shun it away. We gauge a person first before prescribing workouts. Our physical workout sessions are usually started with some “mind stretches”. These are nothing but a few mental exercises that help you feel fresh and forget any stresses you might have. This way you will be able to do 100% justice to your workout session and end up benefiting a great deal from it.


Diet prescriptions and Product Reviews

A healthy body can never be made without a healthy diet and bodybuilding supplements. The saying “what you are, is what you eat” is one thing that we preach to anyone who comes with a solution for a diet.  A diet should basically include everything essential for your body. From vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, a diet is something that should give you the energy to carry out your day without dropping dead in the middle.

Most diet prescribers set about in the wrong way. They have a standard diet form ready under some fancy name that promises almost unbelievable results in no time. We said it then, we say it now and we will keep saying this, but those diets will never work out! Every person has a different life and his energy needs will be different too. So when a diet is prescribed, it should be done in such a way that it gives you enough energy to carry out your day, utilize stored fats and not lead to accumulation of more fats. This is the way a diet needs to be framed and we have been framing personalized diets for our followers for years. We can promise you that if you follow our advice with the sincerity and dedication we show in framing it, then you will surely see the results you are looking for. Apart from these, we also provide genuine bodybuilding product reviews (for example – About Amplified Muscle Igniter 4X ) to help you decide which product to buy.

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We have been catering to the global community of fitness enthusiasts for such a long time now. We have fitness anthusiasts all over the world and our success lies in the sincerity and dedication we show to our work. We hope you enjoy your stay here and wish you loads of luck in fullfilling your health and bodybuilding goals.