How to fix Winged Scapula?

Fitness Advices shows you – How to fix Winged Scapula ?

So, Whats exactly Winged Scapula ?

Winged Scapula is a muscle disorder in which your shoulders blades protrude in a very bad way.  Basically sticking out of the back. Check out the pic to get an idea of how this looks. Its not comfortable at all and affects your daily life. It may nor may not pain but most of the times it inhibits you from lifting heavy weights. Because of this, your shoulders cant function the way they should

What are the causes of Winged Scapula ?

There are quite a few causes.

  • There may be a hidden injury which has caused shoulder blades to protrude out from the back.
  • It could be because of your bad posture. If you dont sit or stand straight, that can affect your posture and your shoulders.
  • There’s a nerve called long thoracic, if thats injured or damaged, it can cause winged scapula.
  • Over exercising can also cause this. If you love working out chest and ignore your shoulder routine, that can cause it also.

You need to figure out the cause first before you figure out ways to get rid of your winged scapula.

How to repair winged scapula

If you are sure, its not because of an injury, chances are you can easily get rid of it by exercising and by correcting your posture overall. So, if you dont sit/stand straight, your first step would be to correct your posture, release tension from your shoulders and learn to relax.

You should also try push-ups which are called scapular pushups. You start with the normal push up position but rather than going down and lifting your chest, you will retract and protract your scapula muscles. Start with 2 sets of few reps each and take it from there. Make sure you dont have any pain while doing these. Apart from push ups, you can also do dumbell flies and similar exercises but with lower weights. Your idea here is not to workout chest but correct your posture and workout your shoulder/back muscles also.

Rows, chin ups – these help a lot also. “Seated Cable Row” is another wonderful exercise to correct your winged scapula and workout those weak or incorrect shaped muscles.

Before doing any exercise, always remember to stretch first.

How long can it take to fix Winged Scapula ?

It can take as little as couple of weeks. We have seen results in as little as 10-15 days and others can take couple of months or more. It would depend on how bad the overall condition is and how long its been like this. The sooner you start working on your posture and start doing light exercises, the better.

Always remember to consult your doctor, if you have pain or excessive discomfort.

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