Everything about Dim Estrogen Blocker

Dim Estrogen Blocker – Understanding More About It

While taking food supplements and perhaps even hormones is essential for weight lifters and body builders, they come with their own challenges and problems. One of the biggest challenges is increased levels of estrogen in male body builders. They do not do any good but on the other hand they could lead to unwanted problems like development of feminine characteristics such as increase in size of male breasts which is referred to as gynecomastia in medical terms. Increase in estrogen levels also suppress the production of testosterone which could lead to various other complications including loss of muscle mass. This could be a serious challenge for body builders. Hence we will have a look at dim estrogen blocker and how it could play a big role in correcting the over secretion of estrogen and fight the side-effects arising out of it.

What Such Estrogen Blockers Have – The Ingredients 

Though there could be literally dozens of such brands available in the market and choosing the right one could be a big challenge. Hence when we talk about the right dim estrogen blocker here are a few important pre-requisites that it should have:

Zinc – Zinc is a very important mineral and it plays a big role in regulating the secretion of around 100 enzymes in our body. It is also well known for its ability to boost testosterone levels. However, more importantly it also has the capability of inhibiting estrogen secretion. It does this by restricting the secretion of aromatase enzyme. This helps convert testosterone molecules into estrogen. So when the secretion of this enzyme is controlled it helps prevent excess secretion of estrogen.

DIM – DIM stands for Diindoylmethane which is available naturally in crusiferous vegetables. It plays a big role in metabolizing estrogen through the liver. Further it is also known to have the capacity of converting very aggressive and potent forms of estrogen into less potent forms. Taking vegetables that are DIM like broccoli, cauliflower, kale, Brussel sprouts, etc can certainly help a lot. However the better way would be to look for supplements which have DIM in the right quantities and are extracted from natural sources.

Calcium D Glucarate

Apart from the above, Calcium D Glucarate also is a fiber that is found in the jelly portion of some of the most commonly used dark berries. It has many properties and is known to work well as a b-glucuronidase inhibitor. It is supposed to have a detoxifying impact on estrogen molecules. In simple words Calcium D Glucarate helps in binding itself to estrogen that has already been metabolized. It also helps such estrogen molecules to exit from the body without being absorbed through the walls of the intestine.

At the end of the day apart from the above there are a few more naturally occurring substances like Myomin and Resvertrol which should also be used. However, they should be used as one single compound. This is available as a single supplement and using it regularly is a must for body builders to ensure that their estrogen levels are within normal limits.

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