How long does it take to add 1 inch to your biceps ?

Doesnt matter if you are just starting to exercise or a veteran, everybody wants bigger arms. And we want it to happen fast enough. No body wants to wait for weeks or months to gain half an inch to their biceps size.

So, How long does it take to add 1 inch to your biceps ?


Obstacles to overcome if you want bigger biceps

Here are few problems you gotta overcome if you want bigger arms and keep on adding size to your biceps. Its not that easy but definitely possible. Generally if I hear stories from people that they are unable to add size to their arms, its one or more because of the following reasons

  • They are working out the same way for weeks/months.

If you follow the same routine/ workout pattern for weeks/months, you body will stop growing. This is the biggest mistake people make. By doing the same exercises over and over again, your body especially biceps are habitual of the routine. You are hitting the same muscle points. The key in body building is simple – shock your muscles and they will grow. But if you continue doing the same exercises, you will hit plateau and your biceps wont grow.

  • They workout too much

Ever found guys who workout biceps like every other day ? I have met so many guys who do biceps exercises every 2nd or third day. More is never better in this case. Especially in case of small muscle group – biceps. Your biceps need time to grow.

Muscles grow outside the gym, not inside.

  • They dont have enough protein in their diet.

You definitely need protein. And rest too. without this, your guns wont get bigger. So, next time, dont just ask how long does it take to add an inch to your arms, rather hit the gym and blast those biceps and triceps.

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