How to Workout Lower Chest for Maximum Results

Fitness Advices shows you – How to Workout Lower Chest

We all know how this works out, right ? We start bodybuilding, start our workout routine and after the initial phase is over, we often find out that our upper chest is developing but lower chest isn’t. This happens to all the beginners in bodybuilding and then we start to wonder what exercises or workout routine we can follow to workout our lower chest and develop muscle mass there also.

You will often hear that developing lower chest is difficult and it takes time, but guess what ? Thats not true. If you know which exercises to perform and have a set routine, particularly to hit your lower chest muscles, you will have no problems building mass there.

The reason why our lower chest is not developed is because of the exercises we perform in our gyms on regular basis, like bench presses, push ups etc. These exercises do not hit your lower chest muscles and you are left wondering “how to workout lower chest muscles.”

 So, whats the answer to How to workout lower chest then ?

Its simple. By doing exercises which particularly hit lower chest muscles. And mind you, one exercise will never be enough. Ask any guy who has developed lower chest and he will say this to you that you have to treat it as a separate muscle group and perform minimum 2-3 exercises to see any improvement.

Few tricks to workout lower chest

  • You should start performing exercises which hit lower chest, in the beginning of your workout – The logic is simple – You always have more energy in the beginning of your workout and doing such exercises in the beginning will have better effect to your lower chest muscles.
  • Perform more than 2 exercises which hit your lower pec muscles.
  • Preferably have a rest day either before or after your chest routine so you get enough time to repair and build muscle tissue.
  • Make sure you don’t have a fixed chest routine for weeks, with no change at all. Always keep on shifting your routine, some of the easiest ways to shift your workout routine would be to add more reps/weight, or lower your rest time between sets.

Exercises that show you How to workout Lower Chest Muscles

Here are some of the exercises which hit your lower chest muscles and help build mass around them

  • Decline Barbell Press
  • Decline Dumbbell Press
  • Cable Crossover
  • Incline Push-up (feet on floor)

All these exercises and there variations hit those lower chest muscles hard. I would say, the key is to treat them as a separate muscle group, especially in the beginning and perform these exercises hard.

Start performing 2-3 sets of each exercise in the beginning and I am sure you will start noticing improvement in your lower chest muscles.

How to Get a Bikini Body in a Week – Easiest Way

How to Get a Bikini Body in a Week – Is it possible ?

I used to ask my friends and myself – how to get a bikini body in a week of you starting out ? Is it possible ? If yes, are there any body hacks or programs or guides available ? Personally, I am a big fan of paid information, such as paid ebooks/ guides etc. Reason I am saying this is, I am a working woman, I do want to have a great body and obviously I want to look good and have a great body. I would love to flaunt a bikini. I think everybody does. Be it for themselves, for your husband or your boy friend. Even to make your friends jealous, but at the same time, I don’t have all the time in the world to search Google all day, research on “How to get a bikini body within a week” and then try out the information which is out there for free. I, personally would much rather pay someone who has done the research for me and is giving me kind of “step by step” or working information which actually works. I am willing to spend money if this saves me plenty of time and at the same time I get the information which actually works, minus all the crap.

Bikini Body

This is how my journey started – My “How to get a bikini body journey”

Couple of months back it was just a dream to have a bikini body. A dream which seemed to be impossible because I love eating out with my husband. I eat all sort of junk food, lol. So, it all started one morning when I said to myself – enough is enough. I got to look good, I got to feel confident and I need to do something about it. It was a Sunday and I started searching on my pc. Within few minutes, I had more than 10 tabs open, all saying different things. I was confused because one website was telling me to do this, other was saying – don’t do this. and I had no idea which website to trust. As they say, you got to take free information with a grain of salt. There is so much bullshit out there, plus the fact that I didn’t want to waste much time. I wanted a great body, bikini butt fast. I didn’t want to waste months trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t.

It was luck or whatever, I came across this guide called – “Bikini Body Workouts”  and I said to myself – Is this the answer to my lifelong question – how to get a bikini body ? Well, what the heck, I would try it. There’s nothing to lose. What would happen in worst case ? I would not get a bikini body ? But, I would learn something at least. Since it was paid information for me, I knew it will be good.

What convinced me was, the author of the guide (Jen Ferruggia) was a woman and she has a Bachelor degree in Exercise movement Science. She has trained plenty of people so far and she’s not someone who is teaching but not preaching, if you know what I mean. She also competes in Fitness competitions in the US. So I could trust her advice and information she is gonna provide.

So, I went ahead and bought mine first and last Bikini Body Guide ever. And boy I was in for a ride. Her basic idea is based on strength training. Like, you build muscle and burn fat at the same time. A dream come true for people like me.

What do you need to get a bikini body fast ?

Here’s what you need to get your bikini body at home

bikini body at home

  • You need to workout – At home or at a gym. I preferred doing it at home, gives you so much flexibility as far as time is concerned. I can work out at nights, in the evening, early morning, whenever I feel like. Jen Ferruggia’s package contained 4 guides. You want to workout at home, there’s a guide for that, you want to hit the gym and want to slim down your body, you have a guide for that. I really liked the fact that each guide was specifically created for a different set of purpose/people.
  • Exercises/Reps/Rest time – I was starting out and I had no idea what kind of exercises to do, how many sets, how many reps etc etc. How much rest time there should be, in between sets. There was everything explained. No guess work. Everything was laid out for dumb people like me, lol
  • And it went even further. You not only get the guides but also the videos. She herself shows you how to exercise, including various tips and guidelines. I loved the tips she gave and I loved the videos because it felt I was working out with her and not alone. Looking at her was a huge inspiration for me. As they say, exercise is the half part. You also need to know what to eat.
  • Well, I had a nutrition guide for me which showed me what I need to eat and what I should avoid. Plus a grocery list etc.

So, I went ahead and started following the whole Bikini Body program for myself.

Results of My Bikini Body Workout Program

I would be honest, I wasn’t consistent. There were times I wasn’t dedicated enough in the first few days but by the time first week was over, I was seeing progress. I wasnt losing much weight but I started getting in shape. My husband started to notice it as well which was a huge boost for me. I did it at home, never went to the gym during all these days. Cheated on a few days as well but week after week I was improving and my husband was happier than ever. I had so much confidence in myself. And I can say in the end, I was successful in getting my bikini body at home and with minimum of effort.

If you are also looking to get your bikini body and want to get started, I would say go ahead and buy it. Its a great package. Everything is laid out for you in a simple way. Its not complicated but very effective. I have lost 27 pounds in 3 months so far and I love the “New Me”.

Hope this helps you in getting your body in shape and may the force be with you and you get your Bikini body

How to fix Winged Scapula?

Fitness Advices shows you – How to fix Winged Scapula ?

So, Whats exactly Winged Scapula ?

Winged Scapula is a muscle disorder in which your shoulders blades protrude in a very bad way.  Basically sticking out of the back. Check out the pic to get an idea of how this looks. Its not comfortable at all and affects your daily life. It may nor may not pain but most of the times it inhibits you from lifting heavy weights. Because of this, your shoulders cant function the way they should

What are the causes of Winged Scapula ?

There are quite a few causes.

  • There may be a hidden injury which has caused shoulder blades to protrude out from the back.
  • It could be because of your bad posture. If you dont sit or stand straight, that can affect your posture and your shoulders.
  • There’s a nerve called long thoracic, if thats injured or damaged, it can cause winged scapula.
  • Over exercising can also cause this. If you love working out chest and ignore your shoulder routine, that can cause it also.

You need to figure out the cause first before you figure out ways to get rid of your winged scapula.

How to repair winged scapula

If you are sure, its not because of an injury, chances are you can easily get rid of it by exercising and by correcting your posture overall. So, if you dont sit/stand straight, your first step would be to correct your posture, release tension from your shoulders and learn to relax.

You should also try push-ups which are called scapular pushups. You start with the normal push up position but rather than going down and lifting your chest, you will retract and protract your scapula muscles. Start with 2 sets of few reps each and take it from there. Make sure you dont have any pain while doing these. Apart from push ups, you can also do dumbell flies and similar exercises but with lower weights. Your idea here is not to workout chest but correct your posture and workout your shoulder/back muscles also.

Rows, chin ups – these help a lot also. “Seated Cable Row” is another wonderful exercise to correct your winged scapula and workout those weak or incorrect shaped muscles.

Before doing any exercise, always remember to stretch first.

How long can it take to fix Winged Scapula ?

It can take as little as couple of weeks. We have seen results in as little as 10-15 days and others can take couple of months or more. It would depend on how bad the overall condition is and how long its been like this. The sooner you start working on your posture and start doing light exercises, the better.

Always remember to consult your doctor, if you have pain or excessive discomfort.